Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Himalayan Salt vs Sea Salt.

I gave up regular old table salt years ago. Stories of it being mined or sourced from the sea, processed to death and all goodness removed iodine added, eventually ending with what is essentially just sodium and chloride, did not appeal to me.  I was so confused I decided it made sense to eat salt the way nature gave it to me - or so I thought.

I began eating sea salt, big chunks of salt I was able to grind myself in my salt grinder, it gave me a satisfactory feeling. Much like grating my block of parmasean cheese right over a freshly cooked meal as opposed to shaking a plastic container of 'Kraft Parmasean Cheese' that looked pale and insipid, it just felt right.

However, I have recently been looking into my sea salt theory and thinking its time to reevaluate my position. I began to wonder about all the toxins that are dumped into the sea all over the world, intentionally or not. BP's oil disaster, the Japanese earthquake and all the nuclear waste, the fresh caught fish we are seeing that is riddled with mercury and other contaminants.

It turns out my thinking was right and I am a little behind the eight ball (as are you if you haven't done anything about it either).

Our sea salt is as contaminated as it sounds and so to be able to sell it to customers without them getting ill, companies are processing the heck out of it so it is merely a shadow of the natural resource for our bodies that it once was. Processed 'good' salt is just as bad for you as say, processed cheese. Lets face it, cheese in its natural form has many benefits and is a wonderful resource for our body. Processed cheese shares very few properties with the original and if eaten regularly will cause you a whole host of health issues, as will the processed sea salt.

What to do?

Himalayan Crystal Salt is the purest Salt found on earth today. The Himalayan salt has been buried deep in mountains for thousands of years and has been protected from the environmental damage that the rest of the earth has been exposed to. As a result it is a pure salt rich in trace minerals that are important for our bodies.

You can view an interview Dr Mercola has done with an expert on this salt and the wonderful properties it provides.

I have included a few links on places you can purchase this salt, I personally have purchased it from my local health food store with no problems. I believe some grocery stores are carrying it also.

Let me know your feedback on taste, availability, price and any health benefits you notice after eating your new healthy salt!



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